Meet your personal concierge

Jaimy Steenmeijer

Jaimy build his network as a former concierge is several 5 star hotels in Amsterdam. In 2017 Jaimy Steenmeijer was awarded as runner-up during the Marorie Silverman Award during the international congress in Berlin.
Thanks to his expertise and extensive knowledge of Amsterdam with her night life the we can provide a different luxury services in Amsterdam for our top clients.

During Jaimy’s career of more than 10 years he have become a leader of the nightlife & event industry in Amsterdam. With Club List Amsterdam he has stablished relations with the top event promotion companies in Amsterdam. He accumulate a huge network of connections at the higher level in Amsterdam. Club List Amsterdam provide the perfect club table and VIP experience were other providers simply can’t.

Frequently asked questions

Do we need to stand in the queue?
Clubs have two entry lines: a standard guestlist line and VIP line. When you book a VIP Table you do not have to stand in the standard queue, you are privileged to use VIP entry. We will arrange everything so your entry in the club will proceed flawless.

Can I enter a club at whatever time?
The timing varies, but usually it is recommended to arrive to a venue before 1 am. The reason for this is that a club may sell your table to somebody else if there is a big demand for VIP tables. Always check your confirmation what time does the club hold the reservation on a specific night.

How many people can there be at one VIP table?
The number of people may vary but usually it is from 3 to up to 10 people per table. To know more details on our VIP Table prices and conditions contact us through our contact form or by mobile phone or whatsapp. We are 24/7 responsive.

Can you provide more services on the night than the table booking?
Of cours! Our reputation in Amsterdam is as party makers and entertainers, and we actually have physical presence at the main nights with our staff and gorgeous girls partying with us. You may always contact your personal concierge for any extra services.



Experience the exclusive VIP service at Club Air, Escape, Jimmy Woo or the Supperclub.
We offer you the best available tables at the club or your choice.
With Club List Amsterdam you will have the VIP experience you will remember
the rest of your life.

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