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AIR is the club in Amsterdam with an international look and feel. AIR represents tolerance, diversity, creativity, quality and freedom. AIR astonishes its guests with diverse electronic music programming for various people and its attention to service.

AIR Amsterdam is one of the biggest nightclubs Amsterdam has to offer. Their excellent table service offers various VIP options for anyone interested in some extra service and special treatment.

What better way to experience AIR’s outstanding hospitality than through a comfy seat in the club’s best spot? Table service at AIR includes (amongst others) a faster club entrance, private wardrobe and private toilets.

Are you planning to visit AIR with a big group? A request for special drinks? The AIR Amsterdam staff is able to provide a customized offer to you, suitable for all different preferences.



Club Air
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Experience the exclusive service at Club Air. We offer you the best table available.

With Club List Amsterdam you will have the VIP experience you want to remember for the rest of your life.

Club List Amsterdam is your 24/7 personal concierge. With our knowledge and experience we can arrange everything for you, from your hotel booking till your private jet back.

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